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Smart Homework Station Ideas for Every Student

Smart Homework Station Ideas for Every Student

With a new school year upon us, now is a great time to start thinking about creating the best home learning environment for your kids — whether they are homeschooled or just need a quiet spot to work on homework.

Eliminate Distractions

Reducing clutter and blocking out distractions as much as possible are effective ways to keep your student focused and on task while at home. To this end, it’s a good idea to limit the materials put out for your child, keeping them only to those necessary for completing the lesson at hand. Pencils, notebooks and crayons? Yes. Technology and toys? No. This is especially true for students that are elementary-school aged. Instead, consider using these more distracting items as incentives to keep kids motivated throughout the day. For example, their favorite outside activity, toy or movie can be used to reward them for completing their schoolwork.

Organized, but Stylish

Dial into the art of stylish school supply organization. For example, dedicate shelf space for learning materials and use fun trays and other containers to further organize and display smaller items. You want the overall result to be attractive, but also easy for kids to access. One way to organize is by subject and age. To make childrens bookshelves fun to look at, try organizing by color.

If dedicated shelf space isn’t possible in your home, consider a mobile “art cart” to hold school supplies. Simply load up your cart with activity books, art materials and handwriting supplies — things that are used almost daily by your kids — and roll it in and out of their special homework spot. Not only does this provide direct access to the materials they need, it also allows them to easily put things away when they’re done. The best part? It rolls out of sight when not being used.

A Calendar is a Must

Empower junior high and high school students who are looking for some independence by helping them plan and organize for themselves. Including a whiteboard calendar on the wall of their homework area is a great way for them to safely take on responsibility, like logging assignment due dates and other important deadlines and events. The calendar gives them one central spot to keep track of everything important to them.

Plan a Setup Strategy

If you know the next week of lessons are going to involve creative projects that could get messy, prep your child’s homework station accordingly — wipeable surfaces with art materials at hand. For easier cleanup, consider investing in child-size supplies so they can take care of most of it themselves.

Keep Work and Play Separate

To encourage a balanced and successful home learning experience, locate your child’s dedicated homework space outside of their bedroom or playroom. This helps them separate work from play. Keep their learning area free from toys and full of educational supplies and activities. While their learning area should still be fun and attractive, it should only be used when actively working on educational tasks. That way they will enjoy their study space, but also respect it.

The same philosophy goes for teens. Give them their bedrooms to relax in and set up a separate workspace for schoolwork. The space doesn’t have to be elaborate — a desk or small table and a comfy chair will go a long way. Just make sure the spot is quiet and away from foot traffic so that distractions are at a minimum.

Decorate With Accomplishments

Give your student the go-ahead to personalize their workspace by displaying favorite artwork and personal achievements. One easy way to accommodate this is with a classic bulletin board, where accomplishments can be swapped in and out with pushpins. Roll washi tape can also be used to hang photos of friends and family. By personalizing their workspace, they’ll be more excited to spend time there learning each day.

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