Thursday , June 30 2022

Smart Tech Ideas for the Bedroom

Smart Tech Ideas for the Bedroom

While the bedroom ultimately serves as a place to sleep, new technological solutions are being introduced — even in this most basic space — to make it more effective.

1. Smart Mattresses and Bed Frames

Forget the basic box spring and mattress set. From adjustable firmness, motion, temperature regulation and independent settings for each side, a lot of research has centered on improving beds, and is now commonly available in the even affordable models. But bed tech doesn’t stop there! Did you know that advanced technology is now available to monitor things like breathing, heart rate and motion detection? Some high-tech models even respond to spoken commands or use apps to fine-tune mattress adjustments based on its assessment of the quality of your sleep.

In addition, there are also bedding options on the market for regulating temperature as well as pillows featuring built-in speakers to help you on your way to sleep land.

2. Updated Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom safety is another thing being improved through technology. For instance, gentle underbed lighting makes it easier to find your way around in the middle of the night, while adding smart sensors to bathroom lights can turn them on at a lower level when movement is detected so as not to disturb others who are sleeping.

In fact, automated lighting in general is growing popular for any room of the home, including the bedroom. Installing smart lights that can be programmed for certain times of the day and operated by remote are relatively simple and affordable. You can choose automated lighting just for the master bedroom, or tie the lights into a system controlling the entire house, which can also incorporate the thermostat for regulating comfy sleeping temps.

3. Upgrade Bedroom Windows

Bedroom lighting also includes windows, which are being touched by technological changes as well. From various films available for window glass to regulate room temperatures and block harmful rays, to changing the opacity of windows through a smartphone app for added privacy, upgraded windows can make a huge impact on bedroom comfort. Smart tech even extends to window dressings in the form of motorized blinds and shades with timers so homeowners are able to open and close them automatically, or adjust them by remote.

4. New Television Features

While sleep is obviously the main function of bedrooms, a lot of people also watch television there. For more limited spaces, or if you simply don’t want to see the TV when you’re not using it, there are some hidden options now available. For instance, motorized systems allow the TV to drop down from the ceiling or emerge from a dresser or bed frame. Another option is a flat screen that doubles as a picture frame when not in use.

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