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Stop the Clutter! 15 Things to Get Rid of Right Now

Stop the Clutter! 15 Things to Get Rid of Right Now

Old Shoes

Broken or worn out shoes, and those missing a mate should be disposed of straight away. Any pair that are still good, but you can’t remember the last time you wore them, can be sold or donated to a thrift store.

Clothes You’ll Never Wear

Donate or sell any clothing items you’ve had for more than a year without wearing. If you have old formal wear that you know you’ll never wear again, sell or donate it. There are several organizations available to take that old prom dress or tux off your hands to give to someone in need.

Too-small Kids Clothes

The same goes for clothing your kids can no longer wear. Unless it’s super special, donate or sell it to free up space.

Old Toys

Kids grow up fast and leave their old toys in their wake. Donate or sell those toys your child is ready to part with and get creative with those they aren’t able to let go of yet.

Mateless Socks

We all have that collection of lonely, single socks. If you’ve done a full round of laundry without finding them a partner, it’s time to let them go.

Expired, Dried Up or Unused Makeup

Get rid of any samples or cosmetics you’ve acquired but won’t use, along with any expired or dried up makeup. Mascara should be replaced every three months; foundation and concealer are good for about a year; and lipstick, eye shadow and blush can be used for about two years.

Expired/Unidentifiable Medication

Dispose of old prescriptions or anything you are unable to identify. However, because meds are considered hazardous waste, be sure to follow the FDA’s guidelines when doing so. You may want to ask your local pharmacy, fire department or police department to see if they offer any drug take-back programs where you can safely drop off your unwanted meds for safe disposal.

Unidentified Frozen Objects

Go through your freezer and toss any frozen objects that aren’t dated or labeled.

Movies You Don’t Love

Gather up those movies you’ll never watch again and either give them away or sell them at a used media store. Still have VHS tapes? If you don’t have a player anymore, take those with you too. Although, VHS tapes are trendy right now so you might want to check to see if any of them are worth listing for sale online!

Expired Spices/Pantry Foods

Go through and throw away any canned goods past their expiration date. If in this process you come across packaged foods you don’t like or won’t eat but are still good, donate them to a local food pantry. Also, keep in mind most ground spices should be replaced after 12 months. If they’ve lost their scent, they’ve lost their flavor!

Old Paint

Under ideal conditions, paint can last up to 10 years. But let’s face it, most of us store it in conditions far from ideal, which allows it to break down much quicker. Bulging lids, leaky seams or a thick layer of dried paint on top indicate it’s time to send that can of paint on its way. Be sure to make sure it is disposed of safely! Any unwanted paint that is still usable can be donated to local organizations or charities.

Old Chargers & Cables

Between cameras and phones and tablets and computers, most of us have more cords than we know what to do with! A friend or relative might be able to use a spare USB cable or an old charger, but any obscure cords might need to be recycled. Ask at your local electronic store or look online for places that might accept them. Organize your remaining cords with labels so that you know exactly what cord goes to what device.

Old Appliance Manuals

Nowadays most appliance manuals are available online. For those that aren’t, keep the really important ones together in a folder so they are easily found.

Old Craft Supplies

Being crafty can be a blessing and a curse — the supplies take up space, and fast! Throw away any dried up glue, paint markers, and paintbrushes, then reorganize what you want to keep.

Cookbooks You Never Use

Have a foodie friend? Bundle the books with other handpicked food-related items for a thoughtful themed gift basket. If not, donate them to a local charity, used bookstore or library.

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