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Styling & Decor Tips for Your Coffee Table

Styling & Decor Tips for Your Coffee Table

As the central command station of the living room, coffee tables hold more than just snacks and beverages these days. Use these styling tips to nail down a fresh look for your coffee table that is intentional, and more importantly, liveable.

Add Vibrant Color

Because coffee table accessories are versatile and something you can change up whenever you like, feel free to go bold. Add vibrant pops color to your arrangement with decorative staples like a stack of books, pretty vases, candles, or an eye-catching floral arrangement.

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books have been a classic choice for home styling for ages — the name is a dead giveaway! But what actually makes them such a mainstay? Not only do they bring height to the rest of your coffee table decor when stacked, they also add a nice dose of color that can be changed out at will.

Reach New Heights

Add dimension to your coffee table with decorative objects that vary in height. When all accessories are on the same level, you tend to get an overall look that feels forced. To achieve a more naturally collected vibe, pull together a variety of interesting items, some tall and some short.

Display with a Tray

Too often our coffee tables become a disorganized catch-all for anything and everything. If that’s the case in your home, consider using a large tray that covers about a third of the table’s surface. This creates a clear boundary for your display space, and ultimately leaves a large portion of the table open and clear.

Don’t Forget the Bottom Shelf

A lower shelf on a coffee table is a bonus! Make the most of it by tucking away odds and ends that are important or interesting, but don’t necessarily deserve the limelight up top. For example, family photo albums or a box to hold remotes or other necessities are nice choices.

Choose a Color Palette

Nothing says order and sophistication like a unified color palette. It’s simple — just choose decorative objects within a specific color tone or color family, and sit back and enjoy the harmony and cohesiveness you created.

Go Natural

For an easy splash of pizzazz, consider adding natural elements to your coffee table. Try to include interesting items like sculptural driftwood, rocks, or a big vase full of fresh flowers to add some texture and charm to your space.

In the Zone

Another easy solution to the chaotic coffee table dilemma is to create zones. Zones are a clear-cut way of establishing order in your styling. Books, bowls and trays are perfect pieces to make the boundaries so that there are distinct areas for decor. The rest of the table is then left wide open for occasional things like snacks and beverages.

Soothing Whites

If you’re dealing with a small space, remember that white accessories add visual relief. Coffee table styling can very easily add to a room’s visual clutter. To counter this, think minimally with your decor and keep most of your accessories to a clean, white color palette.

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to coffee table decor, just about anything goes. It’s a perfect place for some of your more unique conversation pieces, so get creative! Anything is fair game, from antique silver urns to elaborate architectural finials.

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