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Stylish Dining Room Storage Suggestions

Stylish Dining Room Storage Suggestions

Find the perfect storage solution for your space and style with these ideas that run the gamut from time-honored to creative.

Classic Credenza

Some pieces have lasting power, including the classic credenza. Consider enhancing your formal dining room by keeping your special-occasion entertainment items safely stashed but close at hand in one of these beautiful pieces of furniture. For those with more contemporary furniture or a modern dining room style, traditional or antique pieces are a great way to balance the clean lines as well as bring charm and character to the space.

Sideboard Statement

Placing a bold sideboard as the focal point in a formal dining room will not only make a grand statement, but will also give you the storage you need. To draw even more eyes to your sideboard, build it up by incorporating a long mirror and tall lamps into the display. This will make the piece seem larger and more impressive.

If you’d rather keep the room’s focal point on a piece of statement art or the dining table itself, then choosing a sideboard that blends into the background is a good way to go. That way the art or table takes center stage. Find a sideboard unit with clean lines, very little hardware and a color that melts into the wall so that the painting or table is the only thing that stands out.

Wall-to-Wall Buffet Table

Especially suited to modern dining rooms, sleek and narrow wall-to-wall buffet tables allow for storage without taking up a lot of floor space. In addition, consider placing the unit parallel to the table so that the clean lines of each piece are best showcased.

While freestanding pieces make rearranging the room easier, if a more permanent layout is what you’re after, consider a floating buffet table. Since it mounts on the wall, a storage cabinet like this allows for a continuous view of the floor, which creates the illusion of a larger space.

Frosted-Glass Cabinets

The perfect solution for subtle storage needs, frosted-glass cabinets provide more privacy than open shelving units, bring in an optimum amount of texture, and have the ability to brighten up darker rooms with their translucency — especially if they feature chrome or silver hardware on the doors.

Floating Shelves

An option for awkward areas or tight spaces, floating shelves provide all the storage a cabinet can give but without taking up valuable floor space. Probably the most versatile choice available, floating shelves fit on just about any wall. By choosing shelves in a light finish, you’ll help draw eyes up and make the room feel more open and airy, which is helpful in smaller dining rooms.

Repurposed Bookshelf

If you’re having trouble finding a sideboard, buffet table or credenza you like, try repurposing an old bookcase instead. It’s a brilliant way to not only store your cookbooks, vases and serveware, but also show them off.

Room Divider

A low-level shelving unit is a great storage solution for storage in homes with an open floor plan. It increases storage options and helps differentiate the dining room from other adjacent spaces, like the living room or kitchen. For example, a waist-high shelf can provide a home for entertaining necessities and be used to separate two rooms without removing the open feel.

Enhanced Archway

This idea is a little more involved, but can potentially be a real highlight in your home. If you have an archway leading into your dining room, consider upgrading it with built-in cabinets across the top and down each side. By using glass doors on the cabinets you’ll be able to know right away what is in each unit. Handy, completely functional and showstopping looks — it’s a win/win/win!

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