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Top 10 Design Styles for a Peaceful Bedroom

Top 10 Design Styles for a Peaceful Bedroom

If you’re looking to turn your bedroom into the ultimate refuge, customize it using one of the most dreamy design styles possible. Here are 10 to choose from.


Although this style is a blend of several time periods and design types, there really is a method to its madness. Rather than being a random mish-mash of colors and accessories where anything goes, it is actually a curated look where thought and care goes into finding the right mix of colors, textures and patterns. Neutrals are the glue that unifies and holds all the diverse elements together. For a bedroom, consider using dark walls to set a dramatic foundation. Then soften the room with light wood furnishings and pops of bright color throughout for interest and continuity.


Probably the best example of cozy charm, cottage style is perfect in a bedroom setting due to its casual and laid-back feel. Consider a light and airy design through simple, natural aesthetics like woven blinds, a jute rug, and board-and-batten walls. Your bedroom will become a calming retreat you’ll never want to leave.


Scandinavian style is inspired by the pared down and streamlined aesthetic popular in Nordic countries. While minimalism can feel cold and institutional, Scandinavian design avoids that by incorporating lots of texture — stone, raw woods, natural textiles. Avoid florals and lacy bedding choices in this style of bedroom and instead go with tone-on-tone neutral patterns and basic white linens.


Harness the carefree vibe of the beach with a coastal-style bedroom that focuses on natural textures, airy sunwashed accents, and a classic blue-and-white color palette. Embrace tried-and-true elements like plantation shutters to let in the warm sunshine, woven textures in rugs and linens, and layers of color mimicking the sand and sea.


Rooted in European influence, traditional style incorporates antiques, rich hues, and noble furniture. Think four-poster beds with ornate carvings and vibrant Persian rugs. In other words, traditional design embraces the conventional and the established. Traditional design elements include wainscoting, antique chandeliers and tufted upholstery. The goal is to create a steadfast aesthetic that gives a sense of timelessness and permanence.


Often confused with eclectic style, this is the one where just about anything goes. Boho style is carefree and throws out all the rules. For example, with boho it’s perfectly reasonable to pair bold colors with global textiles. Layer linens, rugs and multiple patterns with distressed furniture (vintage pieces are perfect) and an assortment of interesting accessories.


Contemporary and modern are two other design styles often confused. While modern design is quite strict in its rules, contemporary has more fluidity. For a contemporary bedroom look, choose a simplified color palette and an uncluttered aesthetic focused on rest. Basic shapes and clean lines are great elements to include when trying to achieve a visually stimulating yet streamlined atmosphere.


Over time style names may vary — farmhouse, cottage, rustic — but country style at its core doesn’t change. Think laid-back, cozy, homespun charm. Primitive elements and antiques are common additions, and pair nicely with a wide range of comforting colors and patterns.

Shabby Chic

A soft, feminine style that is inspired by more tranquil times, shabby chic combines a delicate color palette with vintage and distressed furnishings. The result? A pretty setting that exudes comfort. Embrace florals, antiques, quilts and greenery.

Modern Farmhouse

A very American style, modern farmhouse is the perfect way to combine new and old to create a space that feels refined, yet lived-in and well-loved. For example, weathered finishes and classic metals on furnishings provide a warm, hand-me-down feel, but can be modernized with a well-chosen color scheme. Feel free to inject a little bit of an industrial feel with wood and galvanized accessories.

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