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Vibrant Backyard Decorating Ideas

Vibrant Backyard Decorating Ideas

Make the most of an easy-going green backdrop by taking your outdoor space from dull to dazzling. Be bold! A splash of color here and there will deliver dramatic results.

Light & Bright

Lighten up those heavy dark greens and wood tones found in nature with colorful pots and throw pillows, and a light-hued outdoor rug and table. All of these will serve to boost your space while embracing the light and bright vibe.

Fun Umbrella

If your patio or deck space is open and uncovered, consider adding sun protection with style by way of a fun-colored or patterned umbrella. Another strategy is to leave the umbrella neutral and letting your table decor take center stage.

Colorful Dining

For outdoor dining, adding a colorful tablecloth to your table will bring a special touch to your experience. Colorful placemats can also deliver the same result for outdoor entertaining. Although a little more work, an effective layered look can be achieved by placing a more natural rattan or bamboo runner over your vibrant tablecloth.

Overhead Color

A unique and unexpected twist, consider adding depth to your covered porch or patio by painting the rafters or ceiling. The color addition lends a cozy and inviting feel to the space, especially when balanced with lighter furnishings and bright accessories.

Colorful Containers

Looking for a simple way to brighten your outdoor space? Two words: Colorful containers. Seek out pots in various sizes, colors, textures and shapes to bring dimension to your patio. To ensure you are able to accommodate a wide range of plant types, consider large containers. As a bonus, they also bring more color to the area!

Complementary Color Scheme

Sitting completely on opposite sides of the color wheel, complementary colors, like blue and orange, create a striking presence when used together. Choose one color to be more dominant and the other as an accent.

Front Door

Cheer up your home by decking out your front door with a vibrant new color. Pick a hue that pairs well with your home’s existing exterior palette, but don’t be afraid to get bold.

Coordinating Colors

If you’re looking for color inspiration for your outdoor oasis, look to the flowers and plants in your yard. Accessorize your outdoor space using those hues for a striking result.

Vibrant Accessories

Garden sculptures, gazing balls and accent furniture are substantial and effective pieces to include in your outdoor space. In addition to color and vibrancy, they also bring a touch of whimsy.

Outdoor Wall Art

Incorporate color into your outdoor decorating by installing a fence adorned with suspended flowerpots. Consider it wall art for the outdoors! Begin by obtaining nine terra-cotta pots and painting the bases with spray paint. Then plot your arrangement on the fence and affix pot hangers to the fence. Last, suspend the pots from the hangers and fill with brightly colored annuals and herbs of your choice.

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